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5 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Victoria MSN, RN- Indiana

    I wish I would have met “The Pusher” last year! She is very knowledgeable and provided great information to prevent unnecessary time and money on getting your school started. She kept the class engaged with one another! The conference center and food provided was great! She provided a great seminar. Don’t miss out on the services that she has to offer. I will be investing more into her services. Great Job! ~Victoria D.~

  2. Keturah RN- Florida

    Where do I start… Victoria Randle is very knowledgeable about how to open a Nurse Aide/CNA Training Program. I started to notice her informative videos on YouTube and quickly became an avid follower. She truly cares about her clients and is passionate about what she does. She truly wants to see all of her clientele succeed and be the best. She gives so much detailed information on how to be successful in your own business. She is also very patient and personable. Please do not derail in getting her assistance. She always says, if you “fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. She is there every step of the way so you do not fail. She will be your PUSHER as she describes herself, she does this by motivating you and pushing you to reach your goals in becoming a successful business woman/man. She truly is an inspiration to me in my personal journey of becoming a smart and productive business woman. Thank you Victoria for ALL that you do!

  3. Caprice RN- Michigan

    I recommend anyone that is willing to step out on faith and open a CNA school take any of these courses. I attended her Seminar today and my eyes and ears were introduced to many opportunities in My Community that I had no clue existed. Victoria Randle was knowledgeable and explained some of the processes of opening a school in terms that I understood. She allowed me to ask questions for information I needed clarification in. I will definitely share this experience that I received today with my friends, colleagues and family. Caprice J.

  4. Teanna RN- Arizona
    Teanna Campbell

    There are so many benefits of working with “The Secret Cocktail” Victoria is Awesome. I used her Mentorship Program to start my school. I spent years trying to find what I received in 6 months. Victoria is knowledgeable, encouraging, dependable. She always gets your questions answered and tells you where to find the answers!!! When working with her in your cohorts she makes everyone feel comfortable in their process where they are at, at that time. I am more than grateful for everything I have gained and still gaining by working with the secret cocktail. I found Victoria on youtube and all the information I received from youtube I knew I had to work with her to accomplish my goals!! I am so happy I made the decision to work with Victoria, and grateful for everything I have learned from her.

  5. Shawnelle Turman

    I have recently finished a seminar in Indiana hosted by Victoria and absolutely BLOWN away! Soooo much information in a 3hr course. Her approach was very welcoming and insightful. I honestly do not think there was a stone left unturned. I am definitely considering keeping Mrs. Randle as my personal pusher for starting my CNA school in Indiana. If you are questioning using her services please question NO more!

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